Ana Foxxx in Inner Light – PlayboyPlus


February All Star, Ana Foxxx’s upbeat energy shines through in this brand new self-produced gallery and video. On a set dressed in sparkling lingerie, the photographer, Maddie Córdoba, captures Ana as she works behind and in front of the camera. “My passion is life,” smiles Ana. “Honestly, it’s a joy to wake up because I’m my own boss — I can choose to do whatever I want.” We love working with Ana as she takes on more roles here at Playboy. “Special talents? I have to say it’s producing,” she says. “Producing takes a lot of focus — I really care about each model and want them to feel like a goddess.” You probably couldn’t tell, but if you follow Ana on social media or know her personally, you know she loves to make others laugh. “I don’t think people realize how funny I am! I’m not going to lie; I considered being a comedian,” she shares. Ana loves to spread that positivity around too. “One of my new hobbies is getting people together who don’t know each other,” she laughs. “We would do something fun, like bowling. I love sitting in a corner and watching them befriend each other!” Get to know your February All Star even better through her next feature, coming soon to Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus

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