Ana Foxxx in Proud Pervs: Regularly Scheduled Appointment, Scene #01


Seth Gamble accompanies his wife, Aila Donovan, to her regularly scheduled appointment at her favorite salon. They are pleasantly greeted by the salon attendant, Ana Foxxx, and it is established that Seth always accompanies his wife to such appointments. Seth settles in a nearby chair while Ana puts headphones onto Aila and covers her eyes for a special treatment. Little does Aila know, however, that Seth and Ana have been having an ongoing affair during each of these appointments.

Now that Aila is totally distracted, Ana and Seth embrace sensually, kissing each other and groping each other’s bodies over their clothes. As they do this, they murmur about how turned-on they get whenever they get up to naughty business behind Aila’s back. However, their steamy makeout session is interrupted by Aila complaining that the music has stopped. Ana tends to her while Seth gropes Ana from behind. Eventually, Aila is fully-distracted again, leaving Seth and Ana to keep going at each other.

Just behind the unsuspecting Aila, Seth gets fully undressed while Ana takes off her top. Ana then lowers herself to give Seth a blowjob, including some sloppy facefucking and gagging. Ana checks in with Aila to make sure she’s doing alright, and then gets totally naked and lets Seth fuck her doggystyle over a nearby table. Eventually, Aila asks for a massage, so Ana gives her one as Seth continues to fuck her from behind.

Seth then riskily props Ana up on the back of Aila’s chair and eats her out, just inches from his wife, who is none the wiser. Seth then bends, letting Ana face-sit on him as he continues to eat her out. Upping the ante, Ana pulls another chair directly in front of the distracted Aila and lets Seth eat her out from behind as she leans against it. Seth then sits in the chair, and Ana rides his cock reverse cowgirl with her feet first on his thighs and then on the floor.

With a final daring act, Seth fucks Ana doggystyle just in front of Aila and cums all over her beautiful ass. Seth and Ana quickly get redressed just as Aila finishes her treatment. As always, she has no idea what just happened.

At this regularly scheduled appointment, all three parties leave fully satisfied, though some for different reasons than others…

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