Ebony Goddess Mystique in Greedy Creampies: May The Best Man Win, Scene #01


A soon-to-be-married couple (Ebony Goddess Mystique and Codey Steele) are cleaning up after a rehearsal dinner with the help of Codey’s best man, Mickey Mod. Though Ebony and Codey shower praises onto Mickey for his assistance, he seems to have something on his mind. Unable to contain himself any longer, he finally opens up about what is tormenting him in a massive outburst that takes Ebony and Codey by surprise. Mickey confesses that he wants Ebony for himself, claiming that from the moment he saw her, he was in love with her. This infuriates Codey, who berates Mickey for keeping this information to himself until the day BEFORE their wedding. The two men get heated, and nearly come to blows, before Ebony steps in and separates them. She sits both men down on the couch and places herself between them, trying to figure out which man to choose. Ebony then comes up with a brilliant idea: why don’t they both fuck her, and whoever does it the best wins her heart? Mickey is immediately game, though Codey initially resists, is eventually persuaded by Ebony. Both men start making out with Ebony as they caress and kiss her body, eventually partially undressing her and sucking on her tits side-by-side. Codey and Mickey then stand up as Ebony gives them blowjobs while seated between them. After this, the men spit-roast Ebony, with Mickey fucking her doggystyle as she sucks Codey off. Ebony flips onto her back. Codey pounds her in missionary while Mickey facefucks her from above, with the men switching positions every so often. Ebony then gets ANOTHER idea and asks both men to sit on the couch side by side. Ebony rides each man in reverse cowgirl, alternating between them multiple times. Codey then leans back on the couch, letting Ebony blow him on all-fours as Mickey eats her out from behind. Ebony sits back onto Codey’s cock in reverse cowgirl as Mickey lets her suck him off at the same time. Ebony rides Codey’s cock until he creampies her. This is a two-course meal, however, and Mickey takes his turn to creampie Ebony in missionary as Codey massages her breasts from behind. After the sex, everyone is thoroughly satisfied. Much to Mickey’s disappointment, Ebony confirms that she will, in fact, stay with Codeye. It was a fair contest, so both men shake hands and agree to remain friends. In any case, when multiple creampies are in order, everyone’s a winner!

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