Hazel Grace & Madi Laine in Wedding Sneak Peek, Scene #01


Hazel Grace and Madi Laine are getting married the following day but Madi is superstitious and doesn’t want them to see each other the night before the wedding since it’s bad luck. Because of this, she has convinced Hazel to use the guest room that night to remain separate. Later that night, Hazel is too restless as she lies in bed, trying to get some shut-eye. To help take the edge off, she tries to masturbate but is clearly not into it. She then decides that the only way she’ll be able to get off is by sneaking a peek at Madi… Hazel sneaks down the hallway and peeks into Madi’s room. Beautiful Madi is dozing, covered by a blanket, though Hazel wants to see ALL of her. Remaining quiet, Hazel sneaks into the room and carefully removes the blanket, revealing Madi in a sexy nightgown. Hazel is not satisfied with just taking a peek and leaving. Instead, she remains and starts masturbating again. She’s sure THIS will do the trick… But Hazel is so into masturbating that she gets a bit carried away and accidentally stirs Madi, who is surprised. Hazel sheepishly explains she couldn’t doze off and thought masturbating would help but didn’t want to disturb Madi. However, now that Madi has seen her, they may as well keep going to make the best of their luck, whether it’s good or bad!

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