Kendra Heart & Brickzilla in Making The Team, Scene #01


We’ve always been athletic, especially my wife Kendra Heart who is a total soccer MILF. When our boy didn’t make the team, we had to sway the coach! We invited Brickzilla over to make our case & he was reasonable, but thought our son would be better off being held back for a year. Unacceptable! Kendra & I went into high gear & we offered up my wife to coach Brick if he promised to push our boy through the league. Brick was in, no questions! When my wife took out his cock, she was in total shock – it was the biggest, thickest dick she ever saw and her eyes lit up as she greedily shoved it into her mouth the moment it came out. After she sucked his balls & cock, Brick lined my wife up to take her from behind, stretching her out as he thrust his massive member into her tight pussy. Her pussy was pulsing as she rode the coach, she twerked her hairy cunt all over the coach. She begged me to taste his cum like a total slut, I had my eye on the prize so I let her slurp every last drop of cum out of Brick’s balls. Needless to say, our son is now a MVP!

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