Muse Naadia in Bright Spark – PlayboyPlus


Take in the sunshine with newcomer Muse Naadia. On location of a lavish home in Los Angeles, California, Naadia poses for the producer, Ana Foxxx, and photographer, Marlowe Holt. “What makes me ‘me’ is that I am first-generation,” she shares. “My mom came here from Ethiopia with my pops, and I grew up given a lot of freedom to do what I want.” This independence has shaped Naadia’s character. “I’ve always been a pretty liberated person, but one thing that makes me different is that I have learned to create safe spaces for people to be themselves because I had that from my mom.” A former commercial model, Muse Naadia now works for herself, creating exciting content for her many online followers and fans. “I like doing photoshoots! I really like getting behind its creativity and exploring what’s different and cool,” she says. Stick around for more from Muse Naadia and her producer Ana Foxxx, right here on Playboy Plus! exclusive photos and videos from PlayboyPlus

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