Sexy Baby Chloe Stevens – Chloe Stevens and Enzo Lorenzo – XLGirls


Chloe Stevens has 46H tits and is going to show us how she takes care of the cock with those gigantic jugs and her big booty buns. Chloe likes to dress to show off her body. “I dress very sexy all of the time,” says Chloe. “I love push-up bras to show my sexy cleavage and spandex to show off my sexy, thick thighs and booty. Normally I don’t wear panties but when I do, it’s boy shorts and thongs. My partner has a long cock and that’s what a girl like me needs. “I am a pretty basic girl when it comes to sex. I like being on top, missionary and sucking cock. I masturbate at least three times a week and I like to fuck at least three times a week. When I masturbate, I pull up my laptop, put on a porn DVD and rub my clit with my hands. I’d rather use my hands than a vibrating toy. I love a hard man best of all. “My sexual fantasies are about fucking in a nightclub with people all around or on a balcony high up. I don’t really have any fetishes or odd kinks. I’m still young so maybe that will change in the future. To each her own, right?”

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